ADS - Amit Damayanti Sawant. This ADS logo identifies Amit Damayanti Sawant to the world, displaying an image that is Creative, Innovative, Optimistic & Unique. This minimalist ADS logo stands for positivity, countless possibilities and my commitment to excellence & wholeness.
Customised open ended three alphabets brings uniqueness to this logo design. Due to minimalist nature of logo design focus rests on alphabets “ADS” while looking at the logo design. And thus helps to memorize the whole logo design.
Grey is a cool, neutral, practical, timeless & balanced colour. It is a formal, sophisticated colour that lacks the negativity of the colour black. Yellow is a colour of sunshine, hope and happiness. Yellow stands for freshness, energy, optimism & joy.
This ADS logo with open ended alphabets denotes Limitless, Out of box, Contemporary creative calibre of Amit Damayanti Sawant. Open ended alphabets also denote Amit Damayanti Sawant as a good listener, optimistic and extrovert person. This logo denotes my leaning towards perfection too.
Typography is created as a specific style that conveys my personality and voice. Typeface “Clear Sans” has been used for its contemporary & clear look.